Early Illustrations


My early illustration work

I love drawing, I always have. I studied fashion design at university, and by far my favourite part of the design process for me was pulling the whole collection I had designed and and creating the illustrations, showcasing the final result of all of my hard work. Sometimes I loved the illustration part so much that I would start with it and then do my ‘design development’ last. Completely Backwards, I know!

Once you get into the industry, if you go into design you don’t illustrate your collection like you once did at university. I went into print and accessory design so I wasn’t even designing clothing anymore, and I really missed it.

I wanted to carry on illustrating, so I bought an iPad mini 1 for £70 from a girl on twitter and started to draw on my 2 hour bus commute most days.

And here we are! I quit my job to travel to the other side of the world and I am now back after over a year away and I am now a full time freelance illustrator! I started freelancing in South East Asia and now I’m back in the UK, I have seen it as a window of opportunity to start something new and watch it blossom.

My earlier work was very detailed an I have a completely different and more simplistic style now as my old style was too time consuming. I just had too many ideas I wanted to illustrate and I wanted to try out new styles and get more creative!

Nonetheless, I am so so proud of all of these drawings and I am so happy to share them on here. These early illustrations remind me of why I started drawing in the first place and how happy I was to be creative again which is something I will always hold close in my heart.

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